Credits Listed Below- Song: Mighty Mouse’s Moon Shot by Dhruva AlimanThese are sections of compilations that were using the original audio of the clips, I wanted to take the best parts and set them to [More]
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3D Magic Art Special Exhibition Of China 2012
This is an anamorphic illusion draw. Time lapse drawing a crocodile. Drawing in 3D. Fine Art.Mixed media. Materials used: Pastell paper: light gray. H graphit and charcoal pencils (Derwent) White pencil: PITT White Faber-Castell brand [More]
This street artist is just amazing in painting!
If you dont like the food off streets, rely on fruits in Bangkok. vendor was doing a sour face the day before so we tried to catch that face again on camera, didnt happen 🙁
Here is a video showing how awesome people are. Thx for watching and sharing! Enjoypeople are awesome 2015 epic wins awesome people amazing people incredible people best wins 2015 sports edition people are awesome TheCoolTrick [More]
People Are Awesome ( CRAZY Skills and Amazing Talent ) !!! The world is a beautiful place and full of risk takers and phenomenal people. Watch these insanely brave incredible people living for the moment [More]
This girl plays three instruments all at the same time – very impressive.Amazing skills!
Incredible Flexible Martial Arts Girl Chloe shows her skill!Get motivated!