I have been super excited to do this concept video for a while now, so here it is! Please like, comment, share, subscribe, and most importantly enjoy 🙂 Thank you! Hey there, I’m Dytto, the dancer, [More]
The talented dancer brought her popping animation moves to Ellen’s show! Check out her unique performance right here.
People Are Awesome 2015 Unbelievable Breakdance battle compilation Best B Boys Flips, Spins & Tricks! Awesome Bboy next level skills TOP power moves 2015Music : Shannon : “Let The Music Play” DuckOnTrack RemixAmazing Break Dancer [More]
The young hip-hop dancer brought more of his sharp moves to Ellen’s show! Check out his awesome performance, here!
Unbelievable talent and natural skills!Song: Tobu & Marcus Mouya – Running Away 
Wow!! ★.★ This girl is way too amazing!Check out this street performer doing BIGBANG – Fantastic Baby!