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Awesome People doing extreme stunts and


Joyce Gibson says:

amazing couldnt take my eyes off screen

Efe Can Zeybek says:

Why i watched a purple video

Tiago Borges says:

People are really awesome!

Tiandra's channel says:

YOU know who is amazing

read the first word

Model Jet Juggernaut says:

my favorite one is the dude flying through the rock

abdalkader dabbit says:

human's power is limitless . Its good to go out of the comfort zone and unleash the magic

akis paloumpis says:

Music in 0:35

Geraint Holmes-Clark says:


Kefas Berandael says:

name song backsound pls?

Rim Queen says:

i wish I will be able to do one of those things ♡♡♡♡♡amazing
InCh_alLah i will do it
#RïMŐøçha #RïMŐøçha #PřïÑçéSśå

cameron smith says:

where is that at 1.58, that guy was feet from fucking that jump up omg

NDC says:

WOW!!! That's amazing! What is the song to that?

Raheem Khan says:

which music is this?

Two GameS says:

miniature putaclic je la connai cette falaise elle fait 1 m de haut

mohammad reza sadeghi says:


R cribb987 says:

OMFG this is amazing!!! EASILY one of the best videos on youtube!!!

Arnau R says:


Дмитрий Громов says:

подскажите название трека ?

RADDY 1993 says:

I would lke to know what software you use to edit and render your vids, also your render settings.

Nick B. says:

Were was the Rock climbing woman from the thumb-nail? why watermark the video when all the clips were taken from other people?

Blayne Hurtado says:

@1:56 I didn't realize you could survive that high of a fall.

pekinobo says:

Don´t care for the "clickbait", if all these ae shown Before? WHo cares, they deserve to be Watch again and AGAIN.
Happy 2017 people

Bad madhatterz says:

just a bunch of clips of things already done.. why u call it 2017? this is all old stuff

Rob Eells says:

Too much editing. Not as good as your past videos.

John Wright says:

why a clickbait thumbnail? your vids are awesome, no need for clickbait .

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