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Here’s the Best of the Week People are Awesome videos! We received some amazing videos for this compilation, including BMX, skateboarding, parkour, basketball, pool trick shots, freerunning, hula hooping, breakdancing and juggling.

Music Title: Rootkit – Do It



sid pareek says:

even dogs are awesome

hip hop says:

keep it resl

Marine Playzs says:

That first one was my favorite I can't do that I would fall in the first second not even acctuly

Bleach says:

and i sit here thinking to myself that i have no friends and i will never be as good as anyone in this video and i will live a sad life with no skills at all

Gaurav Chauhan says:

Omg!! Super like for 2:41 to 2:47 movement love u bro

Ninja Kitten says:

near the begaining, with the dog and girl surfing, was i the only one starring at the big black floating blob above the mountains in the backround?

Hans Marx says:

great mmm hmm

NUK3 Leader says:

The dude with the fake leg was the best

NUK3 Leader says:

The people that disliked it u suck this was amazing

Brandon says:

2:41 straight animal !

Frank Clark says:

Not that the things these people are doing aren't amazing because it surely does take an immense amount of skill to do any of these stunts but for someone like me who is an engineering major, seeing people create better forms of obtaining energy and hearing about people making monumental discoveries in quantum physics and discoveries pertaining the universe is simply awesome. Regardless, good video. Keep up the good work!

Christian Baldiviez says:

That first dude was the fuckin flash..
holy shit

Ed Soderlind says:

music su……………………………………………………………

Golden Trickshots says:

people really are awesome unlike me

Волейбол Days says:

Music plis

Les bosses 93 says:

Wao awesome

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