4 Amazing Pyrotechnic Ideas

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Hi, there, my dear friends! In this video I will show you 4 Amazing Pyrotechnic Ideas.


Mohd Abadi says:

What is the first Chi used in the first experiment

Димитър Александров says:

What is the 3? Pastel and sugar ?

Xxkawaixx Miotke says:

Is that First Item Butter ?

Евгений says:

где взять такую линейку?

Tomass Paeglis says:

in first clip i think he was melting sock soap, it smells awfull

UniQxBeAtZ says:

Nice sandals you got there

Beytullah Bor says:

Which powders are in the smoke bomp

Esteban Montiel says:

Que era lo que cortó a lo primero del vídeo para después mojar el periódico?

carlos cortes says:

y en español ? para la bomba de humo que se usa ?

Jake Kaim says:

2:30 WHAT ARE THOSE!!???!?!?!?!!?!?!?

Laki.bloker 2000 says:

ведь ты единственный)))

Ramazan Mustafaev says:

Сильно ли воняет вариант с газетой, вымоченной в хозяйственном мыле? Какая дымовуха воняет меньше всего?

Hurjat Herrat says:

you could have the flour that spilled on the frying pan


Ist das da am Anfang ne' kerze

ADIOLO says:

3 is cool

Yuldashev S.A. says:

состав жёлтый дымовухи пожалуйста

Elmas Čantić says:

2nd one is fake!!

D´ CANELOS says:


Kottethebest_ClashOfClans says:

What was it that he melted in the making of the first smoke bomb?

huhuhu says:

what kind of powder did u use for wax colour smoke ???

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