10 Famous People Who Are AMAZING In Bed

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10 celebrities who are known to be talented in between the sheets.

We know so much about our favorite celebrities, but one topic that doesn’t get a lot of attention is just how good our favorite celebrities are in bed. We did a little digging and came up with a list of celebrities who have bragged about their sex skills or have been outed for their amazing action behind closed doors.


Ahmed Hanapi says:

You bring memories such as Hannah Montana clip at the the beggining. Oh Memories..

Grace Osborn says:

rihanna also has a song called "sex with me" and its actually quite good even though the lyrics and this is how the chorus goes… "sew with me so amazingggg"

Bree Daddy says:

Surprised Miley isn't on here

promise pamela says:

riri no surprise there

LPSB&A says:

They got it wrong…Britney must be #1 not Justin…

Joan Campos says:

the golf guy was in the vid too that say's He's not good in bed.

The Carpet says:

no Heaa kid?!?

Bellecinno says:

I was surprised about Lindsay and Rihanna ! I didn't think Rihanna was the submissive type ….

boo poo says:

rihanna <3

69The lone wolfess69 says:

Most of these women are cancerians!
It's true, our lovemaking skills are LEGENDARY! ♋

VEJN says:

Kinda thought Miley Cyrus would be on this list

bethany cole says:

The gif of hiddleson and cumberbatch gives me life

Immortalle says:

Emily Rata- who??

Hrishi Baney says:

5 minutes of random opinion that's never going to help 99.99% of us in our lives, ever.
Good Job, Talko

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