America’s Got Talent 2016 – Amazing Magic Acts and Illusions – Part 2

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First the Clairvoyants – a husband and wife magic act from Austria astounds everyone in the place by reading the serial numbers off the judges money while blindfolded… Then magician Blake Vogt tears the corners off the judges’ money and eats it…. This is followed by ten year old Kadan Bart Rockett who performs a very professional magic trick with the help of his eight year old sister.



how they do that magic trick !

Retriever says:

That kid was like marry poppins

Diogo Paiva says:

look closer at 9:04

Dr EK says:

the first act is old & terrible:
1/ dice: Bluetooth smart dice + Micro Earphone (lady)
2/marked cards + Micro Earphone (lady)
3/ money : reading by man & transmitting

Guinevere Quilvia says:


Papa Roach says:

Lol Second dude says nobody has ever done this in history of magic.but David has done exactly same thing 3 or 4 years ago

Nhat Christompher says:

what!!!??? Louis from One Direction?

mark planinsek says:

i know the solution

Martin o donoghue says:

that is Louise from 1D

Chanel Channel says:

lol Louie

Selim Anayetpuri says:

it's good!

derejeyilma 633428 says:

amazing talent

Karen Muir says:

that last one deserved a golden buzzer especially cause they were kids


watching with my gf lolo & she loved it

jake rayfiel says:

The deck is rigged. At no point did anyone see if the deck had a variety of cards to choose from. I don't know about the dice, but I do know that there are magnetic dice that can be made to land on a specific side every time as long as the desk/surface/table has metal in it.

Massimu Valenti says:

thefirst is so easy to do, i know the solution..

Саша Вятич says:

Жаль что это все наеб, но сделано годно!

Derek Evani says:

the kids one was the best

AqUa iGamer says:

You can see the kid climb out of the room and the box has a hole in it so he can climb our from the boxes under it.

ZuDie/Gaming Channel says:

First one MIND BLOWN!!!!

James Heasman says:

Dynamo has actually done the note trick

i think of myself says:

i m dont first feelsbadman

Alpha Square says:

Fuck off, we don't care if you're first.

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