Amazing People Who Survived the Wilderness

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These unbelievable people survived the craziest situations from a plane crash leaving you stranded to being lost in the wilderness.

6. Julianne Koepke
In 1971, Julianne was only 17 years old when she boarded a plane on Christmas eve with her parents on a trip to Lima, Peru. They wanted to join her father for Christmas who was working in the city of Pucallpa. During the flight, the airplane was struck by lightening and it began disintegrating in mid air at a 10,000 feet altitude. Miraculously somehow she survived the epic fall while attached to her seat, possibly due to trees cushioning her fall. She suffered a broken collarbone and a gash on her arm. Her wounds became infected with maggots and she tried her best to avoid deadly critters like piranhas, crocodiles and a steady supply of insects. Finally, she was discovered by Peruvian lumberjacks and lived to tell about it.

5. Miracle Survivor
How would you feel if you needed to eat insects and drink your own urine to survive? A Bolivian survivor Minor Vidal not only survived a plane crash that killed everyone on it. He used skills he learned in the boy scouts to survive in the Amazon despite his head and rib injuries. 8 other people died in the plane crash and he described the scene as awful, smelling like gasoline. He also filtered water using his clothes and looked for open space to search for rescuers. This story is quite extreme due to the fact that he drew an arrow with his own to indicate his position. Fires set by farmers had made it difficult for rescuers to locate the crash site. He was eventually spotted by a Navy Patrol boat.

4. Driftwood Dave
While most people don’t choose to become extreme forest survivors some prefer to live off the land in the middle of the forest like Driftwood Dave. You might find him in his beachfront shack in the Exmoor National Park in the United Kingdom. His mattress consists of dry leaves and his home is made up of driftwood, washed up timber and stone, as you can see in this photo. Park officials claimed he was squatting and was originally going to make him leave his claimed property. Luckily for Dave, they finally came to an agreement and allowed him to stay, which he was extremely happy about. It gets quite cold however in the winter and usually tends to prefer living with friends. Dave has been living the nomadic lifestyle for quite some and claims he is happy living among nature.

3. Mowgli Siblings
Surendera Kumar and his sister Rajeswari both live in the Chhattisgarh region of India and are said to have an extremely close bond with wild animals near the village they live in. They both belong to a poor family and have had to learn to get along with nature in order to survive and sometimes for amusement. They can be spotting in their spare time playing with monkeys and freely roaming the forest by their home. The government’s chief medical officer said that they have a mental disorder where the brain is not fully developed. Their parents express concern when they venture off to the forest and get too close to dangerous animals. Due to their ability to adapt and get along well with nature, they’re often compared to with the Mogli from the Jungle Book.

2. Lost in Khao Yai
A male and female were lost in Thailand Khao Yai forest in 2016. The couple from poland were lost for two days with no supplies. Although this may not seem like a long time, Thailand is forests are home to quite a few deadly creatures and is extremely wooded making this a tough place to come out alive if they’re there too long. Time was of the essence. The search involved over 100 rangers and needed a helicopter. The two were forestry scientists but they didn’t keep track too well exactly where they were going. The male tourist suffered a neck injury as you can see from this photo. It wasn’t clear whether the injury was serious or not. They were extremely lucky they were found because the area of forest they were exploring was forbidden to the public.

1Stranded in Arizona
A 72 year old woman was stranded in an Eastern Arizona forest in the White Mountains in 2016 for a crazy total of 9 days. While driving to her grandkids house in Phoenix, her hybrid car ran out of gas and electric power leaving here in the middle of the isolated Arizona terrain. Ann Rodgers had stored some food in her car but ran out not too long after had to kick into survival mode. She was lucky to find a nearby pond and had to resort to eating desert plants. A search for began not too long after she was supposed to arrive at her grandkids house. If it wasn’t for this help sign she made out of sticks and rocks, she may have never been found. Her and her dog made it out ok but the old woman needed medical assistance.


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