Amazing People Compilation – Amazing skill and Talent in HD

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AMAZING COMPILATION 2016 Check this out!!!

First song : Flo Rida – Who That Girl ft.Akon (Smarter Child Remix)
Second song: DJ Khaled – All I Do Is Win
Third Song : Good Charlotte-Last Night


Charlie Gamer says:

Rémi Gaillard est trop chaud!

BUDDYtheDOG says:

The bald guy is basically hit man on steroids

Priyotosh Biswas says:

awesome wow……..

Mitchellin man says:

That bloke that does the sitting down thing with no chair under them it's so obvious that there's a support that go's up the leg and back or they be no way otherwise

poppykok5 says:

ATTENTION: Gorgeous/Young/Bald Gymnast…MARRY ME!!! …PLEASE…HaHa…

MasterMind 2011 says:

hahaha the guy at 8 minutes and 39 seconds, its an old magicians trick he has a metal rod underneath the one leg that he sits on and then there is a support for his back hidden under his shirt one of the oldest tricks in the book

Konirs says:

is most of this shit edited?

or are these people really that brilliant?

Peter Byron says:

The most amazing thing is how people call music to that

Ando Hovhannisyan says:

please watch my channel.



TheUnrelaxingBeginning says:

wtf is this music…

Richard Hendrix says:

Shitty music choice

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