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The Polite Savage says:

I know I'm not the only one who hates it when they put in women in bikinis as if they're doing anything that has to do with the video; for constructive criticism, I'd advise compiling people who actually do something epic or amazing, other then that great job on the video and keep it up!

FøuaD Uchiha says:

wht is the 1st music name

Andy I Face says:

And here i am again, clicking with my mouse

Australian Hanzo says:

I guess you can say they're


Beijing Enduro says:

nice vid, but what reason would anyone have to put the same scenes twice into a compilation, thats pretty fing lame

eduardo do vavale vavale says:

muito legal e bem. emocionanti

Draaca says:

480p? Really? In this day and age?

Adan Ismael Navarro Uribe says:

me gusta la primera y la ultima cancion me podrias decir como se llaman???

Keegan Cook says:

Idk if anybody understands the coordination of that bird at 2:40 animals are amazing

Aheed Atif says:

Spektrem shine

blam islam khaireddine says:


StyleInstruct says:

Hey, very cool video.
But a maximum of 480p? Come on ;)

nass frinta says:

why lines on the screen!! ? it's sucks

Sarah Kearney says:

I always put myself down because people call me fat ect. But these videos made me think to myself " If people can achieve stuff like this I can too"

#somostodosfofão says:

what is name of the music ?

August Orourke says:

Very well made video. Music is a little obnoxious

ElectroPenguin_ FTW says:

Beautiful intro

Dr. Albert Hofmann says:

En Venezuela ese beta asi todo sifrino criminal no existe, que chimbo por nosotros!

piotr piotr says:

480p in 2016 -.-

Егор Кузахмедов says:

Нахуя выкладывать красивую съёмку в 360? Бараны, заебали.

eni k says:

this is not 2016

Woke oT says:

who is the girl at 2:07
its for research purposes..

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