Best 2 dancers in the World Japan LES TWINS Final hip hop.mp4

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Best 2 dancers in the World Japon LES TWINS Final hip hop! please you comments to the video and add like as well thank you!


Christelle Anne says:

ppl commenting like they know ALL about hip-hop or new style hip-hop for that matter. They dont even know anything. y'all experts? yall dancers?

George Diesel says:

def NOT the best dancers ….

Arek Machulski says:

nieźle nieźle :)

jambu air says:


Amit Pandey says:

Les Twins the god of musicality & dance…
Much ! Much Love & Respect from India..

AMG says:

Well…they still are the very best to me.

nevaeh730 says:


Haunted Company says:

did you copyright because it says mp4 …

Albert Vargas Alderete says:

Name of Song of 8:05.

Atif Maqsood says:

LOoks like aa bad reactiOn Of gud injectiOn :p lol xD

yeslord says:

you guys are right they are the best dancers lees twins

Warrior For The Christ says:

this is actually demonic. just telling the truth. demonic power. it's a spirit that influences them to move like that. but I understand why people think it's innocent. if ur Christians, look I to demonic dancing. and quit yoking up with the likes of this secular style dancing. how does this edify CHRIST? and look at this false god on the one twins shirt, there's a clue. REPENT.

DJ coroa Rito says:

gemeos danca de mais muito bom de +++++++++++++

Shwan Jones says:

dammmn Asian dude got it in him I'm impressed

Angelina Ahrens says:

And they were not twins

Angelina Ahrens says:

That was actually like crump not hip hop

Miguel Marleau says:

Sag those pants boyahhh

Jahmari Bell says:

Fucking gay people and gay music

TRonlyOne says:

Beware!!!The comments are full of cancers

Logan Keele says:

i put princess songs over this it's awesome aaahahahahaahaha

A J hamton says:

spoiler alert: krillin's owned xD

XShadowshot says:

The audience does not look entertained!!!!

pokeatrick says:

and then Beyonce gave them all that money turn them soft ha

Oscar Campos says:

……….what the heck

Steffani Robinson says:

I think the guy with the afro is the best

Mr Megule says:

6:11 When the game so good he smacks your ass while you're dancing.

Alpha Male says:

So some people call this a "dance"? Are you fuckin kidding? I don't see any dancing here, just some people pretending to have epilepsy.

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