America’s Got Talent 2016 Ryan Beard Hilarious Comedic Musician Full Audition Clip S11E05

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Love it! 🙂


Linda McCord says:

Loved it!

Anna Sell says:

Amazing job Ryan!

Ciara Kenny says:

This guy is a younger Bo Burnham.

W. James says:

Kansas City's BO BURNHAM! Way to represent!

Sheylabala Balala says:

u make me.laugh….

Moe Cubeau says:

Reminds me of Weird Al!

arrgh garry says:

He was /is brilliant could deffo see a sitcom with thuis guy

Just Me says:

She buttoned up his Mr. Rogers sweater. LOL!!!!!!!!!!

Brian-Stephen Aquino Domingo says:

is there a heart button?! haha
Very impressive!

Vix DIx says:

I hope my son is this adorable and well spoken.

C. U. Diddlehopper says:

Think Mel looks like a slut.

icyboy771z says:

this guy is hilarious, he should drown in pussy and lose his virginity tonight..

Ashley Hilton says:

if he keeps doing what he's doing, he can definitely wins AGT

spookym123 says:

I wish him much hot sex in the future.

veronica gonzales says:

i love the he is charming and hilarious…. love the ending when the girls were screaming to get a selfie with him. lol

Tharaka Umayanga says:

that guy should go all the way to the finale

Scott McClellan says:

This kid reminds me of a young Tim Minchin. lol. Funny.

Jesus Lopez says:

Give this guy his own sitcom!

Raizy Goldstein says:

golden buzzer!

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