Quick Total Body Workout | Andy Speer

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Two dumbbells, a bar, your body, and 15-30 minutes of steely resolve are all you’ll need for the best workout of your week. This is what full-body training should feel like!

Performix athlete Andy Speer is a trainer with a long history not only in strength training, but also competitive gymnastics and track and field. He knows how to make you move in ways that will test your upper-body strength as well as your legs and lungs.

You’ve heard of “back pocket” workouts that you save for when your normal gym time isn’t available or there are lines at all your favorite equipment? This is that kind of workout. You can do it in 15-20 minutes or stretch it out as long as 30, depending on how much time you need to rest and how many rounds you perform. But don’t expect it to be easy. You’ll only perform high-tension, big-payoff moves that force you to dig deep and make multiple muscle groups play nicely together.

Do it twice a week for strength, once a week for intense full-body conditioning, or every once in a while for fun, but do it, because it’s a challenge worth of a few of your precious minutes.

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