32 Minute Home Cardio Workout with No Equipment – Calorie Blasting Cardio Training

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Jooy Hg says:

how pretty workout cardio I try many cardio but this the best one I love the last part make me relax after tired exercise

Eden The bae says:

should I eat before or after the workout?

Paws of Mia says:

Love this instructor, she is so sweet! That was a fun and light work out :)

Tea Thyme says:

Great workout… First day at it and I could only complete the first 15 minutes.. Its definitely a start in the right direction for me and my weight loss journey….. Thanks for sharing!

tosha says:

Thanks for a great workout!

Mist says:


6940242 says:

I'm doing this barefoot on tile floor, not comfortable. gonna need a yoga mat

Şevval Cerit says:

geberiyom bu ne

Flowey says:

I'm almost sixteen and 150lbs so I'm just looking to get those extra 10 pounds off and move on from there into a healthy lifestyle. Hopefully this workout will get me there in the next two months. I don't know if I can do it XD

Mystery CaseFiles says:

her butt soo jumpy…looks great…

Stephanie Marmol says:

I got a butt cramp!!!

James Morales says:

Awesome workout how long did it take you to get in that type of shape and what was your diet like?
Am trying to lose 25 pounds.

Rosa Flores says:

Okaaaaai, I'll finish this!!!

Noamen Alajwha says:

I reached till 15 minutes and I couldn't up move my legs !

LivingOnTheMoon says:

when you see that Workout Complete and feel so good

Fariha Chesat says:

Omg i can only last for 15 mins! Im out guys!!!!! Give up!!!

Miah Morales says:

Can someone tell me how often they do this?

Tommy lee says:


Tommy lee says:

lets get married

Magic Creature (Avis) says:

Does it even works? How quickly have u guys seen results?;)

Stina Fagerberg says:

This was awesome, great workout! Thank you!

SinceTheyWere18 says:

So far i've done it for 10 minutes.. Wish me good luck

Andrea Atcheson says:

Such a wonderful trainer. Really inspired me to do the whole work out. I hope you keep inspiring others and doing what you do :)

Nishu Rana says:

thanks for the video. very helpful. doing this day for half an hour will show results in losing weight ? please advice

Silverman Jones says:

Awesome workout! Thanks!

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