Top 10 best street musicians

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Some of the Best Street Musicians “Real Talents” who Deserve bigger platforms.


Terry Hogan says:

probably mustard or William lee

Sly Cat04 says:

Ive seen Gordo and Estas Tonne before. They're awesome! :D

John Doe says:

Some serious talent in this video.

Jakub Chłystek says:

It's Mariusz Goli not Mariuz Goli ^^


1:35 n!ce :o

Elgeta Witt says:

Wow !!!!!

Körnerbrot says:

whats the song from  2:63 ? swear i know that song but can sombody tell me the name? +Frank Blangeard  +Cody Somers +steel forged

Cody Somers says:

I Swear To God EstasTonne At 4:45 was fucking hugh jackman XD haha

Frank Blangeard says:

Last one is best, Estas Tonne at 4:45. 

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