Fat Burning Cardio Workout – 37 Minute Fitness Blender Cardio Workout at Home

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Mawek says:

Psh, that's it…

Lakshmi “Meme” Sinha says:

What parts of the body does this build muscle on?

Shameen Aghdasy says:

i Finally watched this whole thign.. fuck, im so dead ahah

Dark Purple says:

ill admit I'm fat ok but this summer ill be doing exercise while watching this video

JMSD Garcia says:

how many times a week should I do this to start noticing fast results before the summer ends which a month has passed already soo?

Claudia Cooper says:

thank god for the slow version of the burpee

SwallowsTokyo says:

Why there are two numbers for calories??

tryful_เจ้จวง says:

so far so fun~

Kardashians and Jenners says:

My really first day and only 7minutes I m so out of shape xD

Kelson Sadlier says:

Im 89kg ill update each day

Tyler Bates says:

What a absolutely dispeciable video, i am both horrified and sick that this video is being advertised on this website. These people are taking minimizing both my experiences and the experiences of other POW. Notice how there isn't a single POW in the video? discrimination has never before been as rampant as it has now, we are constantly ridiculed by everyone in this society, it has been part of our culture to harass and bully POW. If youtube really cared for changing the negative stigma that we as a society creates, this video would have focuses more on POW, and not these anorexic people who are contributing clearly in the video towards the mass discrimination of POW. Youtube this is adressed to you, if you do not remove this video now, i will be contacting google adminstation and have your website taken down. this is absurd that you bring an entire people down and harass them.

shame on all of you who support the harrasement of POW.

xBustedHeart says:

these jumping jacks are the DEVIL

xBustedHeart says:

stopped after 11 mins

fatma Stars says:

I made it to 7 mins lol


my weight iz 64 and I want my weight 42 please help me


can u give me weight loss tips

julia ! says:

Nobody should feel disappointed if they can't finish the whole video or if they aren't losing weight that fast. Girls, don't obsess over your fat! I know some of my friends (and me myself) who fall into the normal BMI range, some even underweight, yet think they are fat and get obsessed over it. All bodies different, and yes, this isn't fair, seeing a skinny girl eat a bunch of fast food and not gaining weight when you hesitate to even take a piece of cake. A friend of mine eats EXTREMELY healthy,, and I am serious, she eats better than at a nutritionist- and exercises a lot, while her body is still slightly chubby and has always been. Or those people who don't eat anything a day and lose so much weight, but if you try this too you end up with saggy fat. I know it is awful to deal with the beauty standards, especially if it is about looking only skin and bones.
But your weight does not matter as long as you are healthy! Don't overwork or starve.yourself, sometimes it just doesn't happen- you are just normal!
Toning your body is always the best choice, and cardio workouts- but not because they are really efective, but because they will make you feel better while maintaining your health. Don't give up, but make sure to set realistical limits!

Emily J. says:

Would it be good to do this everyday for 5 days, then for the other 2 days of the week do the FitnessBlender 10 minute ab workout? Or is that too much? And will this also exercise my arms and legs? (If not then how should I exercise them?)

Ayush Sharma says:

Baba ramdev part 2

Gayle Laura x says:

I remember doing this in P.E I was tired after the warm up lol hopefully get fit again – I'm really unfit right now :(

Challenger Wannabe says:

ayyy …made it to 20 min in the 1st try after not exercising for so long.That was thel longest 20 min ever lol

Damla Sayan says:

i did it yayyyyyyy but i couldnt understand how many calories i burnt? Can somebody tell me?

Doa says:

i could only do 8.42 seconds. i am dying

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