Pre Workout Drink | GET RIPPED Male & Female FITNESS MODEL Program by Guru Mann

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Gulshan Kumar presents GET RIPPED FITNESS MODEL 6 weeks MALE & FEMALE Workout Program design and created by GURU MANN.



Anil Kumar says:

thanx bhai.
we will follow.
love u

Saad Khalid says:

thnx guru mann for ure efforts and motivation

vishal sharma says:

#GuruMann Hi sir, for week 5 i.e for 0 carbs its written 2339 calories for weight range 151 to 165 lbs in the PDF .. I think it's by mistake.. pls verify .. thanks :)

Muhammad Hayat says:

hello brother
i am living in pakistan and u r an indian and u know what a typical indian family eat in its meal (everyone together)
so what i want to ask is i cant cock different meal for myself other than my family so i am not able to inhale controled calories

can you please tell me the ways by which i might burn so much more calories

my daily intake is about 3000_7000 calories

i hope u understand my condition and question

Arjun Singh Jimmy says:

awesome and valuable info… great knowledge.. thank u sir.. i am following you 8 week mass building program.. my height is 6'4".. ur program start givimg me results..i am in fourth week or mass building program..

arijit kundu says:

With this program we gonna make all kinds of gainzzzzzz…….all kindzzzz 😀 thanku sir:)

sam saikia says:

instd of black coffee , can i use green tea ??

blaze dubz says:

Gurru mann bro what about people who cant take caffeine especially people with high anxiety what shall they use

Ibrahim Ali Ibrahim says:

Whats the size of water ? How much should you keep?

gurudip singh Shekhon says:

tnx sir
sir thanks for ur all hard work for us

Paras Panchal says:

silajit is good or bad ?

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