EMPTY STOMACH Fat Burner | GET RIPPED Male & Female FITNESS MODEL Program by Guru Mann

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Gulshan Kumar presents GET RIPPED FITNESS MODEL 6 weeks MALE & FEMALE Workout Program design and created by GURU MANN.



Arjun Singh Jimmy says:

valuable information giving by guru mann…..keep guiding us´╗┐

Sumit Singh says:

sir pls uplaod morning workout based nutrition plan´╗┐

Darshan Prakash says:

Thanks Gurumann!
Please review new MAGGI Oats Noodles!´╗┐

Rishabh729 says:

Creatine + caffeine or only caffeine as preworkout or creatine 1 hour before gym and caffeine 30 min before workout what is better ? can we take caffeine while taking caffeine ?´╗┐

syed.k MMubasheer says:

so your accent is too good..´╗┐

lokesh kumar says:

pdf is only workout whata bout meals…..´╗┐

abdullah saeed says:

thank u sir,,, bus jaldi sy sub uploAD Kr dien or wait nhi hota´╗┐

Ashish Singh says:

green tea brand kaun sa hai ye ?´╗┐

upma Dhingra says:

Doctors do not recommend to have green tea on empty stomach!! I have always fell sick n giddy when I take it like this..!! There are timings to have green tea for weight loss but NOT O EMPTY STOMACH!!´╗┐

Ashish Singh says:

sir aapse consult kaise kre ya koi consult team bnaiye jisme hum kuch bhi puch´╗┐

Fozia Zahid says:

I want to ask you why we can't loose weight in Ramadan infact we fast a day and eat all things in evening including cold drink and sharbat´╗┐

Kurapati Abhilash says:


Anees Zarroo says:

You always consider evening workouts and give details according to that

Please also do consider morning workouts´╗┐

Rajeshh Moopanar says:

when u going to make a video on f Forward head postures …..´╗┐

F├Ąiz show says:

sir Himalaya ayurslim plz tell me something it is usefull or not´╗┐

Sheraz Khan says:

any age can use it??´╗┐

nikhil bhandari says:

sir.. plz review on Ketogenic Diet..´╗┐

Saurabh Singh says:

One thing I want to ask, I have been taking lemon water for three months on the empty stomach. Now I decided to take green tea also. So what is the time interval between these two takings or which one I should take early?´╗┐

shiva sardana says:

what about black coffee?´╗┐

sidhanth gupta says:

can u tell which brand of shoes is the best ?
puma/adidas/nike/Reebok ?´╗┐

sidhanth gupta says:

can u tell which brand of shoes is the best ?
puma/adidas/nike/Reebok ?´╗┐

nashit ali says:

sir what to take after waking up during pure mass?is it necessary to take anything before breakfast while gaining?´╗┐

warisha fatima says:

ye kha milega´╗┐

Manish Sharma says:

Got the whole plan… What is foam rolling. Please can you explain… I am having Lemmon water in the morning, empty s stomach. Can I couple them with green tea´╗┐

Nirant Zanzote says:

pdf is added plz check´╗┐

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