Coolest Hockey Products in 2016

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Some of the coolest hockey products out this year.



Christian Dinapoli says:

use the sockjock

GDFan3000 Official says:

I was at the expo in 2013

Christopher Bradbury says:

Buy a skating treadmill

Jackguitarcover says:

hi jeremy i bought a uhwk camera and the instructions arent very clear and i cant access their website please could you do a "how to fit" episode thanks from england!

XxHacksourceicExX says:

Review the uhwk

landen engled says:

Sauce kit

Chris Dempsey says:

Jeremy can you do a durability review on the sauce kit net? I have been wanting one but I hear the little ramp breaks off easily. Thanks and love your vids.

Ss Sandhu says:

the sauce kit

Jared Kurland says:

Sauce kit and uhawk

Maximilian Jordan says:

leidr gibt es so etwas nicht in Deutschland aber das mit dem Griff ist richtig nice

GiffWings “Giffwings” G says:

review the grips

Winston von Zweigbergk says:

what "parents" dont have kids

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