Tina Turner – The Best

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Official video of Tina Turner performing The Best from the album Foreign Affair.


Jayden Augier says:

she was on madmax LOL


well this is actually bonnie tyler's song….

Victoria Lorde says:

AYRTON SENNA DO BRASIL E DO MUNDO, YOU ARE SIMPLY THE BEST FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jamie Grant says:

Hail Hail x

Burkhard says:

Mit jedem Lied schreit sie sich ihren Schmerz von der Seele

Камила Окасова says:

7 лет назад

Callum Barnes says:

South Cleveland garages

Haundour Mirin says:


Reiul fitness says:

simply the best!

Елена Ленская says:

Красивые лошадки. Обе.

Marie Claire Beugnet says:

j aime ! bravo tina

Suely muito lindo Cerqueira says:

Adorro linda tina .

Jamie-Lyn Roy says:

Phenomenal, She really is Simply the BEST ♡♡♡♡♡

Генри Солтана says:

The Best)

Wayne Grant says:

this song was played when the Montreal Canadians won the cup in 1989

David Roberts says:

no one can sing this song that do come near Tina Turner she is best

Brad Ozarko says:

first time i've ever made a comment like this about a singer, you can see it in her eyes Tina Turner is a Great Woman , never mind Great Singer ! Brilliant move by the video director to show close ups, you can see into her Magnificent Soul.

Joseph Stoner says:

And on the 8th day God created Tina Turner

Noah Baltussen says:

I could listen this song all day long

manuel fernandez says:

Es una auténtica declaración de amor y le dice que es eso: simplemente el mejor.

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